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The electronic cigarette offers you a way to save tons of money while greatly improving your health.

It delivers an exact nicotine dose in a flavorful, rich vapor giving you the taste and feel of smoking a cigarette but nothing is burned and there are no toxic chemicals or tar. Let's look at what you need to know before you buy your electric cigarette...

When you buy your e cig, it comes in 2 basic styles: The Standard Starter Kit or the PCC (Personal Charging Case). Both styles have pro's and con's so lets talk about what makes them each unique.

E Cig In Variuos ColorsPersonal Charging Case or PCC

PCC's are the most popular versions of the e-cig. They offer the convenience of recharging your battery anytime, anywhere. The PCC consists of a small case the same size as a pack of cigarettes designed to carry your e-cigarette, extra e-liquid cartridges & extra batteries. The most important part of the case is that it acts as a pocket sized battery charger. You simply keep the PCC case charged using your wall or car charger.

While your out and away from a charging source, you keep a battery charging in the case at all times. When the battery you are using in your e-cigarette dies, you simply swap it with the one in the case. This is especially convenient for users who are away from charging outlets for long periods or heavy users who need frequent battery recharges. Some of the more classy PCC models even have a digital readout that displays remaining battery life.

See upper end E-Cigarette PCC's

E Cig Starter Kit

The starter kit is exactly what it sounds like.
It contains everything you need to get started using your E-Cig. Depending on the manufacturer, Starter kits will contain different assortments of accessories. The most common items included will be the atomizer, cartridges, battery cartridges and wall charger. Higher end kits may also contain USB port chargers, car chargers, extra atomizers and batteries and e-liquid refills.
You definitely want to shop around as the number of accessories included in your kit can vary greatly. Also keep in mind that there are many imitations out there so be sure and check to see if the one you are buying is a genuine OEM product. See Genuine Janty Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit
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